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Mortgage Approval Assistance

Do you have the desire to buy a home but need assistance getting prepared?  Our Mortgage Approval Assistance Program will get you Mortgage Ready fast!  Call now and your Personal Mortgage Advisor will:

  • Determine How Much House You Can Afford
  • Conduct a Credit Score Assessment
  • Discuss Government Assistance Programs Available

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Tim B. - I had a score of 605 and had no hope of getting anything on credit. I contacted eCredit and in 60 days my score went up 100 points. I purchased a home because my credit was so good. Thank you eCredit -because of you I'm no longer a renter, I'M A HOMEOWNER!

 5.0 Rating

L. Hull
- I'm finally getting settled in my home and it has already been a month. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me close on my home loan.Being a first time homeowner at 27 is unbelievable. Once again THANK YOU!
 5.0 Rating

Harris Family
 - I just wanted to send this email message to extend all of our "Thanks and Gratitude" for your help and efforts. I am happy to say that without your help, we could not have accomplished the most wonderful blessing we have received together in our life. We are now 'New Homeowners' - Woo Hoo!!!
 5.0 Rating

John S. - After going through your process, I am finally one week away from closing on my home! I sincerely thank you for your help. If I need to pay you some more for this advice, please let me know. To me, it is worth the money.
 5.0 Rating

Ricky G. - Started with a credit score of 650; closing on a home in a week! Thank you!
 5.0 Rating

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